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Pumice Stone

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Product Description

Properties of pumice stone:

  • When the impurities amount will be 10% of a pumice stone its density increases to 1 gm/cm3. Then the stone will not float.
  • Alternative of pumice stone: Synthetic Stone
  • Stone wt. /fabric wt. = 0.5 to 3 /1
  • Dia. of stone-1-7 cm
  • Moisture content-less than 5%
  • Surface properties-less than 5% fines
  • Apparent Density-0.5-0.75gm/cm3
  • Abrasion loss-35%
  • Large, hard stones last longer and may be suited for heavy weight fabrics only.
  • Smaller, softer stones would be used for light weight fabrics and more delicate items.