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Product Description

Functions of Enzyme:

  • Residual hydrogen peroxide must be removed from the fabric after bleaching treatments, which would otherwise be detrimental to subsequent processing. Catalayse enzymes can be used to work specifically on residual peroxide as an anti-oxidant breaking it down into natural elements of water and oxygen without adversely affecting the fibers or dyes.
  • Develop ‘’Bio-polishing’’ effect on denim in echo-friendly way
  • Enzyme improves the ‘’Anti-pilling’’ properties.
  • It attacks more the surface of the fabrics and gives a very smooth surface.
  • It increases the color fastness and rubbing fastness properties.
  • Achieve high-low abrasion to produce fading effect in sewing area. 2
  • It just hydrolysis the cellulose, first it attacks the projecting fiber then the yarn portion inside fabric and faded affect is produced.
  • It reduces GSM of the garment.
  • Neutral enzyme is used for Dark shade enzyme wash because it comes fading effect slowly.
  • It produces buyer loving soft feel in use.
  • Acid enzyme is used for medium /light shade Enzyme wash of denim skirt because it comes enzyme effect quickly than neutral enzyme.